I will use this blog to write down my thoughts , experiences and ideas regarding the rapid change in my live during last year . It was the period of time , when after doing business  as a self-employee for more than 5 years , I started to realize , that there is something wrong , that however successful , compare to my business peers I seem to be , I am not happy , there is a lot unaswered questions on my mind and some of them started haunting me like a “ghosts”.

Like always , when I have a questions , I don’t just wait for the answers , I start actively looking for them. On my journey to the “well of knowledge” I was very  fortunate and I meet a few people , who were able to provide some of the answers , but most importantly , who were wise enough to not just give them to me , but supply me with a clues and dirrections , so I can find my “peace of mind” on my own.  My mind is at “ease” now , I still don’t have all the answers however and I doubt , I will ever have them , but that’s the beauty of the Journey to the “well of knowledge” , it never ends.

I will write in future articles about everyday business issues , my entrepreneurial “seizures” and “awakenings”  and my thoughts will be many times raw and controversial , it is not my intention to be “right” on every topic , as matter of fact , the day , when most of people agrees with everything I write , that will be most likely a sign , that the collorful , funny and also the ugly and sometimes provocative way I see things surrounding the “tribe” , who chose to live as an entrepreneurs , is getting gray, and boring , but for now , we have a long way to go….

Stay tuned..                                                                                                                                                


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