Dead Man’s Hand

dead-mans-hand.jpgCasinos in Las Vegas looks like a bingo place, set up on side of a nursing home, somewhere, lost in the countryside , compared against a real estate poker table , set up by brokers , mortgage companies , banks , FED and also a players , who joined the the game at the very beginning and now , just waiting to pick up the “dead” bodies and bury them …for a fee , of course.

I said dead bodies , because , if you joined the game , while the “smart” players were getting out , shouting : ” look people , this is the table , where everybody is a winner”, you had most likely ended up with a deck of cards , which for the story purposes , I will call : “Dead man’s hand”. You holding a pair of black aces , which is the mortage company , pair of black eights , which is the broker , who talked you to it and finally , unknown card , which is the tenant , late on rent payment for 2 months . Not that it matters much , you are probably paying for the bunch of houses , which you had accumulated in a foolish hope , that you sell them quick, out of you pocket anyway. What you forgot ( you are not alone) is , that unlike gambling in casino , Hope is not part of the “game”. The only thing missing here is the “bullet” in the back of your head . Unless you have a lot of “useless” cash in you wallet , rest assured , the bullet will come soon…..If you are one of those , whose image to them, around people in the local “country club” , or the “yacht association” is more important , than a common sense , then I need to admit , I will be probably one of those , “digging” the “grave” for a fee and I will have no pity for you , because when a “wrong” choice is made , and we all are making them on ocassions , instead of waiting and hoping , it will correct itself , action should be taken . There is a lot of different types of actions and some are more complicated than other , I would like to imagine , again for a story purposes , how Wild Bill would play the game , if he had the choice of course.

I imagine , he would “bluff” a little bit , if still not incorporated , he would do so right away , while his personal credit is still O.K. , try to pull as many credit lines as he could , build a strong cash position , and then put the “cards” on the table saying loudly : ” I pass…” Then he would walked away from the “bar” , while ordering his loyal “deputies” to attend the nearest auction of the same “cards” , where the “stakes” will be a lot lower and his remaining “chips” will get him new , and I am pretty sure much better “hand.”

Of course , you are not the Wild Bill and you won’t do that . Maybe you have a lot of family , friends and fools to let them stay in your houses , and while paying for their living , you can always proudly tell your buddies in the “country club” : ” I played Poker in Deadwood…..”


2 Responses to Dead Man’s Hand

  1. xvulture says:

    Tomas, I don’t think I have ever read unedited czech wrapped around english and understood it all, and enjoyed it. You have a gift and should be published just as you are. Keep it up.


  2. Denise says:

    Tomas, I am very impressed with , “DEAD MAN’S HAND”. It is very creative and unlike alot of business talk, it is entertaining and very easy to understand the point and concept that you are trying to convey. I feel that there are alot of people who want to learn more about the business world, but they are discouraged because of all the dry, complicated articles and boring lectures. This blog is for all of those people and I hope to see more similar articles in the future. Good Job

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