picture-202.jpgWe live in the most beautiful and greatest country in the World . Country full of kindness , caring , opportunities and freedom…..and also …………..greed and irony.  Freedon of speech is one of the basic principles we supposed to live by and anybody can sue anybody for anything that’s said. Bald man sues another bald man for calling him bald and as a proof of having a hair , he brings to the court a sworn affidavid from flattering and probably heavy bribed hair dresser. For this reasons I declare , that my writings are only a stories and thoughts. I am not a professional financial adviser and I am not arrogant enough to even call myself mentor , or coach . You should not take my topics seriously and if they make you laugh , that’s good . If they make you angry , then you can always stop reading.  I don’t advise you, people dealing with a terrible cash flow crunch during the entrepreneurial “seizure” , to forget yours wife birthday , or to forget pick up the kids from the school , because at this point of  your life is saving yours business dream more important , than anything else . All I am saying is , that unless you are one of the “chosen ones” from the day of your birth , that is the most likely scenario of what’s going to happen if you get the “seizure” and you think , you know it all.  On the other hand , I would say it is pretty exciting “ride” , and rest assured , there are plenty “riders” out there .  For all of them , I am writing this stuff and maybe , just maybe, it will help avoid at least one “crash” , because in my opinion , there is too many casualties already….

Well , see for yourself….. 


2 Responses to Disclosure

  1. Denise says:

    The example of the bald man suing another bald man for slander is very extreme and dramatic. But it is really the ugly truth. In todays society too many people are suing for every little reason they can come up with. Also who wins in court is not always who is in the right, but who has the most contacts and the most money to hire the right lawyer. In the meantime, the taxpayers are paying for all of the frivolous and absurd court precedings. Freedom of Speach is one of our greatest rights, we must all fight to keep that right safe.

  2. zubicek says:

    And I say , Amen to that , mrs. Denise..
    Thank you for interesting comments..


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