Herman Buhl and his Legacy…

Before the climbAfter the climb

The story of Herman Buhl is the classic example of perseverance , determination , the right attitude and “drive” , all of which a”start up” entrepreneurs should have in common , unless they want to bury their dream , before they even make a serious attempt , to make it a reality. The above pictures are not of me , but of Herman Buhl before he made the heroic “solo” climb on the Peak of Nanga Parbat , and after he had made it back….ALIVE.

The rapid change of his face look happened almost overnight , while he was standing whole night , a few hundred feet below the top of the Peak , covered by ice , no supply’s and spare clothing , talking to himself and “hallucinating” about sunny sky and comfort of the “grounds” down below. Without any support on his final attempt to the top , the probably only reason he had survived the lonely and unexpected night in this heights was , that luckily it was the calmest and warmest night in Himalaya in years. He had no control of it , all he had was a will to survive and the “urge” to make it back ….and of course…Luck..

On your journey through the entrepreneurs “universe” you have a choice . Either you walk it as the Herman Buhl , with almost no support foundation covering your back , or better yet…You start planning and gathering an Expedition.

I was the “Herman Buhl” , I “hallucinated” and talked to the “ghosts” in the “heights” and I had made it back..

If I touched the Top or not , it really does not matter , what matters is , I had made it back ALIVE. My face looks just like the Herman Buhls now and same as him I am sharing the experiences with other “climbers” preparing for theirs attempt to the Top of Himalaya Peaks. After all , I must say , that I had extremely enjoyed my “solo” climb , but I want to go back , to live and stay in the middle of the “Himalayan” peaks and this time , I am gathering an Expedition..

There are alot of ways how to gather it , on the internet you find hundreds of supporting programs and I tried many of them. Coaches , mentors , middlemans…blah,blah,blah..The reasons why it did not work for me in the past, is actually very simple. All of those academically talking people never really had the heavy duty “climbing” shoes on , and in case they had , they never tried to walk in them, in the “Himalaya” hills.

However , there is an exception now.. I had found a support program called The Xbanker and it is part of the Shared Success small business society . People involved in it had walked through “Himalaya” hills and really know , what they are talking about. I had joined the program and I got the support what I needed for my future Expedition . Capital , guidance and connections..They are very important members of my “base camp” Team.

It is not my place here to make an advice on what anybody should do , maybe just a “humble” suggestion : “If you are planning to visit the “Himalaya” Peaks , www.thexbanker.com is the place , where you have the chance to gather some supply’s for your expedition..

On the other hand , you may want to try how Herman Buhl feels , who knows and I can personally say it is a great feeling , if you get “lucky” and survive ..I did!!

So what you think , Do you feel “lucky “??

P.S. And check out www.xvulture.com, you’ll find some guidance , answers and most importantly , you’ll read about the “fast” & “ugly” truth…I have enjoyed it and maybe you will too..


5 Responses to Herman Buhl and his Legacy…

  1. xvulture says:

    haven’t read yet, but I intend to.

  2. xvulture says:

    looks the the xbroker has been doing some of his magic for you – nice.

  3. xvc says:

    Always watching…

  4. zubicek says:

    Welcome in my “world” , Thanks for the comments . Stay tuned…

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