Gunfight in O.K. Corral


 The VC game is more like a shoot out in the O.K. Coral than a “candle lit” dinner with friendly people when you get the Idea , or some smart “ass” tells you , that the best thing you can do to raise capital for your business is make a business plan , create sales “pitch” and aproach the everknown world of a “gangsters” known probably more under the name they call themselfs …the Venture Capitalist . Some of them prefer to be called Angels , but the only thing in common with the real guys with the wings is the white suit , amazing image ,visage and very polite behavior . Make no mistake , when you walk in Tombstone and asking for money instead of dinner , you will be invited to visit the O.K. Coral. If your business has nothing of value to show up yet , that means you are walking in , with empty guns and just like the “Clayton” guys , you’ll end up in coffins , carried on wagons , across the town and same like then , alot of people will actually cry for you . Touchy , naive , idealistic and dead . Dead as an owner of your business idea . The VC guys are sharp and aim well , just like the Earps , the major difference between them and the Earps however is , that unlike the Earps , they empty your pocket , keep the change for themselfs and most likely , they leave the taxpayers to pay for your  funeral .

There is a way to change the outcome , or at least make it more like a “fight” , instead of “murder” . You can do some training , go through a few minor shootouts on the streets where you know it and then walk in the Tombstone playing the role of the Earps yourself . You had just made the main step to survive the “gunfight” . You put the VC’s in the place where they should really be ….the Clayton gang camp.  Just street training alone is not going to guarrantee the outcome itself , so make sure you got some good ammunition to back the friendly “chitchat” up  and be aware , if you leave survivors and they like the “stuff” you got , just like in the history , you can expect a bullet coming out in the dark and hitting you in the back .

After you wake out of comma , instead of fear , you feel an anger , and all you wish, is to get well so you can finish the “job” , that’s how you know , you had just became The Wyatt Earp himself , really ready for the next shoot out and this time , rest assured you’ll show No “mercy”.

And how do I know all of that, you ask ?

Well, I must confess…My name is Doc Holiday , I have been riding with the Earp’s for a while now…


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