Blind King John I of Luxembourg

karel_03.jpg When you get out of a situation described in the E-Myth book as an “entrepreneurial seizure” , the ones who don’t know what I am talking about are probably experiencing it right now , just not realizing , what is happening to them yet , after taking a deep breath and saying “WOW” for yourself , you are richer of many experiences and feelings which you would never discover if you stay in “secure” lands of the W-2 world. Many of us decide to go back to the “safe” lands , others are happy , they finally figured it out and  keep evolving the same type of business to the next levels and  few  of us get “hooked”up on the “magic” , adrenalin “rush” and beauty & pain of dealing with  challenges , I call them a “battles” , so I can better understand my own-self , and become a “serial” entrepreneurs .  We all have a different reasons and different feelings why we are the way we are and I want to describe how I feel , by writting a story about medieval King , who ruled through the  “Lands of The Czech Crown “way back in the 14th century. 

The story of the  John of Luxenbourg , better known as the “blind King of Bohemia ” , could be taken as very sad , in todays standards , for which he was ” worthless as a husband , no good as a father  and the reason for it , is most likely very simple . He just did not have the time for things we know today as a “family” style life .  John was a good King , but he had a fatal weakness for chivalry , knighthood , honor and especially , for battles . He loved to fight . When there weren’t any battles in his immediate neighborhood , he went abroad to help his friends fight their battles . He died by fighting on the side of his friend , French King Philip against the English in the Battle of Crecy on august 26. 1346 . To  understand the point of it , I must tell you , that at the time of this battle his was already fully blind , he lost his sight on crusade .

Winston Churchill in his history writings describes what happened : ” In this slaughter fell King Philip’s ally , the blind King of Czechs , who bade his knights fasten their bridles to his in order that he might strike a blow with his own hand . Thus entwined , he charged forward in press and when told , that his side was in  danger of losing , John had said to his nobles : “God willing , no Bohemian King will ever flee from a battle” , man and horse they fell , and the next day their bodies were found still linked.”

Couriously the death of the Bohemian King was a matter of particular grief to many on the English side as John was “full of years and valiant at arms” and had shown mercy toward English captives on a previous occasions . To honor him , the English King took his badge of ostrich feathers , and , to this day , three plumes form the heir apparent”s badge , popularly called the Prince of Wales Feathers.

I loved the story as a child and I even love it more as an adult . Historians are more impressed and probably rightfully, by the deeds of John’s son known allover  Europe as the Charles IV , for his wisdom , love for the art , building a churches , diplomacy and generosity , but for me , the blind King John was the first , who put the Czech Lands on the map of  medieval Europe and earned respect with a rulers of far greater empires . In the entrepreneurs language , I would say , he got Exposure for his business and sure knew , how to “market” his skills .

For all of this I want to call : “Long Live the King , the Knight , the Valor , action “entrepreneur” and of course – a “horrible” husband . 

If you are a startup entrepreneur and you like , what you had read , becarefull not to get too fascinated by Kings John life story , otherwise , beside of me calling “Long live the King” , I would have to add : “God save the Queen” , if there is any… 


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