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Those of you , who kindly read some of my previous articles and still willing to read the new ones (God Bless You ), pretty much realize , that I have a deep interest in history (always have) and I love to use history stuff in comparison to the current life as an entrepreneur . I want to point to very important figure of The Fool , in the middle ages royal courts and see  how important the figure is  in todays journey for those , who are “crazy” enough to leave behind all the known securities and “jump” over the cliff to catch the “bird” , who carry  their dream somewhere to the Unknown .

In the middle ages Fools were the only one allowed to do and most importantly say things to the royalty otherwise punishable many times by death. Today , while starting up and still powerless , in diapers , playing Fool could be a good tactic , how to avoid premature “War” with competition , jelaous members of the “upper” class , or another Idiots , who I call for myself just Snobs to simplify it . I said avoid “war” not  “battles” . Only naive , or stupid ignorant could be so idealistic and think , that a “great  Idea” is all he needs to “strike it” in the Big League .

Being taken as a Fool , or underdog is the best thing what can happen to you at the beginning and you need to be smart about it , not an Egoistic. Years ago a friend of mine told me once : ” Son , it is a jungle out there , full of mad dogs and wolves , so before you get your own teeth “sharpen up” , I advise you to play a “puppy” . For simple reason , big dogs don’t “kill” puppys and sometimes , they even let them to run with them .” 

 So , swallow your pride, forget yours Ego, you got once in a lifetime chance to learn things , you will never learn in any business related University . Big dogs likes fools ,they don’t feel threaten by them and it is fun for them to watch the puppy play . Sometimes , they even place a bet on them in a form of seed money . After years of own experience , I will tell you , what you can do to make sure , one day become one of them . Instead of sinking the money straight to the business idea itself , you want to pay all of your personal credit card debt off , perfect yours FICO score , pull business lines on your own and pay those “bastard’s” back , with interest of course , before it is obvious , your “shit” is working. Be “sneaky” , observant , play an “Idiot” and whatever you do , keep the real deal for yourself , until you are strong enough to defend your grounds.

In case , you get a phone call later, saying things like : “you son of a b..” that’s how you know , you not being taken for Fool anymore and whole different ball game needs to be played from now on…

But that’s for another article…

Humbly yours XFool 


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