Jurassic Park


Once you feel , you are outgrowing the diapers , the puppy stage , you will get the “urge” to jump of the porch and start running with the dogs . I can’t tell you when is the best time to do it , I guess anytime is good enough , as long , as you realize , that you are jumping straight to environment similar to …well  , I say – Jurassic Park . World full of enormous monsters , slow giants and fast predators . Don’t get surprised if you want to compete with Walmart or Home Depot , that something very heavy steps on your toe , or even better yet , if you competing as a startup in financing business with local loan “sharks” , sooner or later you will feel theirs teeth on you “ass” .

The simple fact , you are making that step means , you do at least something right and at this stage two very interesting things could happen to your business. Either you start looking like a “delicious sweet snack”, or you become serious threat. Those , who don’t like , or don’t understand this language should stop reading this right now , but the few of us , rare creatures called action entrepreneurs , knows , what is coming up  next ….

The most exciting stage of every venture , you ever started . You are going to be chased and you will chase . You will have an unbelievable deal on the “plate” and all you need is a couple hundred thousand , not later than tomorrow . You will walk in the middle of the night , across yours livingroom , thinking , who you need to pay first , the electric company , so you have a power in your office , or the distributor because you had overextended yourself on a floor plan and the terms are coming up 2 days from now. After calling every possible credit & financing institution and being denied cash capital , you will gather yours best accts. recievables and against all yours plans , you will walk in the “local sharks” office and sacrifice them for cash so you can fuel the growth . Because in 21st century Jurassic Park , the only way to survive is outgrow , outrun, outbark & outbait the competition . The times , when two “barbers” successfully & peacefully “cut” hair on the same street in a small community town are long gone .

I intend to be “rude” and “ugly” about it and no sugarcoat the truth . Those are the times , when in case your beautiful wife is in “sudden” need of new diamond ring and if not getting it , she will leave you , she says.

I will tell you my best and the only direct advice you will read on my pages .

Buy her a ticket to the movies , and if you get  “lucky” , she will meet there a nice and wealthy man . In this case you get what you need . Time and space to focus on surviving  in Jurassic Park .

Be aware , that even if you become the Brontosaurus , or T-Rex and you think , you got it made , you have to be prepared to adapt , because the “comet” is coming , you just don’t know , when it is going to hit yours “playground” and the Jurassic Park can turn on dime to ….let’s say……”Star Wars”

But that’s another movie and another role to play…


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