Camelot and All The “Works”…

camelot.jpgI wanted to evolve my previous story and go straight to the “Star Wars” , then I realized , that would be something I am not familiar at all with , too “modern”, too “sciece fiction” , I like the “middle ages” a lot more , so  let’s imagine for a moment , that you survived the Jurassic Park, you got your teritory well covered and all the monsters around learned to respect your well being and in order to preserve their own well being , they are willing to leave you alone . And all the sudden , every day become the same . Surviving , “boring” status quo. If you are the person , whom I am writing all this stuff to , you got it “made” right now , you are finally able take a vacation , or go on a cruise with your wife or girlfriend , if you lucky enough and found the same crazy person , willing to “stick” by you and not leave you a long time ago…

In any case , I bet , that the second day laying on the Bahamas beach , you going to look at the sky and say for your-self : ” I must be a “lunatic”, but I am beginning to miss that “shit”…..You will not want to only live or survive , you will want to feel the “life.” You will go back to your “shack”, enter the “stable” , saddle up your “donkey” and you will start a new journey and this time , you will look for the purpose of what you are doing and the answer to who you really are. It is going to be the unknown because at the beginning , you don’t really know what you are actually looking for . You’ll go through a dark and scary forrest and many get lost in it , but if you are determined and look hard enough , maybe , just like I did , you will meet on the way a strange guide , in this story , I call him Merlin , he will lead you through the darkness and when the forrest opens , you may see , what I did . A castle on the hill just like the Camelot , you see King Arthur and his knights ride out and in and all the sudden you know who you are . You are the Perceval and you will “bother” and “annoy” as long , until Arthur gets tired of it and says : ” Boy , we don’t really understand what you are doing here and where you are coming from , but you are “busting” our gates , walls and windows , so, to prevent you from “destroying” our castle , we had decided to let you stay with us .”

It is going to be a “music” to your ears , you found a company , who understands , you want to earn the seat by the Round table , they know not to offer you a free lunch , because you could not enjoy eating it , and as known from the “legend” maybe one day King Arthur will send you to find the “grail”. If kinghted or not by then , it does not matter to you , you will saddle up your “donkey” again and start a new journey , whole different than all those before , because now , after all those years , roaming the “woods” like lone wolf , you got an allies , they are not better or worst then your family or “old” friends , they are just different , than anybody you had met before . They are thinking the same way you are !!!

At this point , I will not speculate , where you be going or if you ever find the “grail” , maybe , just maybe , Merlin  knows the answer to that , but he is keeping it for himself… He is the wise wizard and your journey is just beginning , destination – Uknown…


2 Responses to Camelot and All The “Works”…

  1. xvc says:

    The real question is, when you stumble across the sword in the stone, are you man enough to draw it? Cue the Wagner music. Gotta love Excalibur.

  2. zubicek says:

    Only Merlin knows , what’s hidden in Perceval mind….

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