Basic Instinct

wolf.jpgI would like to take a moment here and write a little bit about  one thing , what separates a successful entrepreneurs from those , who fail . Don’t get me wrong , I am not considering a person , whose one , or even more ventures did not turn to be , what he expected a failure , I am talking about those , however skilled and professional they seem to be as an individuals , somehow , even if they do exactly everything by the “business” book and follow all the guidances , given by all kinds of smart “asses”, they fail right after the very first big crissis . And rest assured , no matter how great is yours idea , no matter how well you have everything planned , crissis will come , sooner , or later . For every entrepreneur , the sooner it comes , the better for him .

Why is the rate of failure of small business ventures almost 95%? I look for the answer somewhere else , than to libraries full of books about how to run & operate small business . You can go there your-self , read every single book about business ever written , and still , the odds , you ‘ll fail at the end , are extremelly high.

I am going to look for the answers to the place , where we the humans forget to look a long time ago . To the animal Kingdom. I named the topic the Basic Instinct and while most of us , spoiled humans thinks of the basic instinct to be “Mating” , if you want to succeed with your start up venture , I suggest you put yourself in animal’s shoes and your basic insting will be “survival & selfdefense” . I would evolve the self defense word even more and state , that the best selfdefense is well planned and executed attack !

The best survivors have instinct to feel the “danger” coming well in advance and when everybody around are celebrating , how well is everything going , at some point , some of us , start to be “nerves” and prepare grounds for total “crush”.

Why ? Because the true leaders , just like the “head” wolves , knows , that there is no such a thing like neverending “sunshine” and when the storm comes , it is good to have the shelters ready , have a place to put all the surprised and all the sudden panicking “crowd” , so you can focus on what you had been “made” for . Take the charge , ride the storm out , lead the “sinking” ship to the port , then call the personnel back on the “board” , let them do the maintennance  and get that ship back on the open waters .

I could start writing and suggesting programs , seminars , or schools , where you can learn this perticular “skill” , but I am afraid , I will disappoint you . There is none . You can not learn it , and all the people running the “scams” named Leadership coaching , are mistaking . That’s just a soft word misleading , because my friends , the only way to get the “animal” basic instinct is , You have got to be BORN with it , and if you suddenly discover , you have it , be happy , evolve it and treat it like a gift , because that’s what it is a GIFT.


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