Be Aware of a Morons , Idiots and other Lazy Ignorants……Part One

pirate.png…and rest asured , there are plenty of them out there , if you walk yours journey long enough , sooner or later you will “crash” with them .

When my friends created this blog for me , so I can use my vivid imagination and write stuff and stories in expressions , I really intented to do just so . However , entrepreneur life is ever changing , same as the situations surrounding it and I want to write a story and not use imagination at all , just a facts and experience . As for the picture above , I must admit . I could not find a picture of an idiot , or moron , so  funny looking pirate will have to do the trick. On a second thought , that’s actualy what they are , a Pirates , robbing you of your most valuable asset you got . The TIME .

Need to say first , that everysince I had discovered the hidden “tricks” , how to finance a business the smart way , I am staying on top of my credit reports on daily basis – personal and business as well . Let me tell you , that especialy for business reporting , there are no safeguards for you as the owner of the business against wrong , or even completely fabricated negative info , manytimes just because some of the institutions don’t really report towards the FEIN number or direct name of yours company , some of the buerocrats are so lazy , that they just automatically report towards yours business adress , so for example , if you have a new location and the previous tenat went bancrupt or other “shity” stuff , don’t be surprised , that on your business report , some of the negative info appears . Another reason , for investing a couple hundred dollars annualy and have signed up for the credit alerts not only for personal , but also for business credit . I had experieced this situation , but unlike the D & B is encouraging you to dispute the info with all the reporters , I went on a different road , I had disputed the info straight with D & B and told them , if they not take it off right away , I will start a legal action directed  against D & B as the false reports collecting and publishing agency . My business credit is excellent right now and the change happened overnight . It is not ours , the business owners responsibility to prove our “innocence” and what’s most important , we the entrepreneurs don’t have the time to spend whole day on the phone talking to all kinds of “morons & pencil pushing SOB’s” , asking them , what is theirs problem . I don’t know about you , but surely I don’t.

The importance of being on top of yours business info is even bigger now in 21st century , when the actual Business Banker is replaced by some unprofessional , lazy , stupid and knowing nothing about a business person behind a computer , just punching the data to the system and not concerning about yours biz. operations at all. In this case , very easily , you can end up being held a “hostage” to some teenager from a high school , just graduated and hired by a financial institution to do the Job as a Business loan officer . Don’t be surprised , if you’ll be asked to prove your innocence and when you request the info , you should be defending your-self against , they will not provide it to you . Mostly , because , there is none , as in my case , and any excuse is probably good enough for some idiots , to not  deal with your aplication , if you are brave enough or “crazy” enough and tell them after a week of wasting yours time , that you would like to hear some answers .
In my next post , the Part Two , I will describe actual situation , happened to me currently , it is written already , I am just not sure yet , If I want to put the hundreds of honest and hard working professionals to the same “bucked” with a few Morons in underwriting department of that perticular financial institution and openly state the name of that firm .

Let me do some thinking , I am sure , I will come up with some solution and in a mean while , Stay Tuned……. 


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