Be Aware of……Part Two


I had promised a real story in my previous article , so I am delivering it to you right now . However , when I thought about  it overnight , it really does not matter , which big bank it is related to , I am pretty sure , that morons are presented in every institution there is . So if you get “lucky” and you disturb them , let’s say during their lunch hour , you may experience the same scenario in any bank you walk into. Plus I had decided to “challenge” yours imagination a little bit and I am sure , that if you were able to understand any of my past posts , you will have no problem to figure out , what bank I am actually writing about .

For a story purpose I had come up with a name : WELLFARE & CO BANK

Because of my excellent credit , I had been “bombarded” with a phone calls from that bank personal lending division in Vegas , giving me all kinds of a great deals , personal credit cards and the latest move of those geniouses made me laugh so hard , that if it would not be actually really serious mess up , I would be laughing still now. I had been informed , that I am approved for a car loan in amount of $ 7,000.00 . What a morons , one of my many successful ventures is a Car dealership , I have at anytime at least 10 cars to chose from , all paid in full . That’s the funny part . What’s not so funny , they actually hit my personal credit with a hard inquiry .

After 7 years in business as an incorporation and many private ventures in my sleewe and currently over $ 600,000.00  annual gross sales , I came up with an idea , how to use the new relationship with “WellFare” for my business and actually applied for a real business funds , because fuel your company growth with yours personal credit cards is not a good Idea, believe me . So I applied for business line of credit with them. Wow , what a professional approach . Nobody called me back in over a week , finally I chased down one “agent” saying , he does not know the reasons , why it is not done already .

The times of me playing a Fool , or Idiot and kiss somebody’s butt , just to get $ 500.00 credit card are long gone , it’s time to move to the next level , so I said I need to know the answers now and stop wasting my valuable time .  Well , at 8:30 PM the same day , a guy called me at home , saying , that the underwriters can not have it done because there is a judgement placed on my company . Now you see , how important it is to stay on top of yours credits , as I wrote in previous article . The funny thing about it is , that a week ago , Bank of America and Regions Bank did not find anything like that and approved me for unsecured credit , right over the phone . However my night was messed up then , so I drove back to my office  in the middle of the night , ordered and paid for a brand new credit report on my company , made sure it is still smooth like a “baby butt” , faxed that report to them and asked for the answers .

Nobody called me the whole next day , and when I finally get the guy on the phone late on the evening , he said , he got the faxes , but does not know anything yet .

My point as of right now is not If there is any report like that , flying somewhere in the universe or not . Us , entrepreneurs , doing a real business and not just running a “barber shop , or a hot dog stand up ” have many experiences with a “shit” floating around and after a couple years , nothing can surprise us at all . My point is , that WellFare bank challenged me to prove my innocence and when I asked them , what I am supposed to be defending my-self against , they failed to provide that information .

Let me tell you WellFare underwriters , you may know , how to scam people to take your car loans , you may even know , how to loan money to the losers , whose only asset is a “piece of dirt” and then take it as a collateral , but in my book , you have no idea about a business at all . One question come to my mind right now . To be sure , nobody in that department is such an idiot and did not made this up , just because my last name does not sound “Kosher” . That could be very logic explanation , right ?

I had proved my innocence , now it is your turn.  How does that feels ?????


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