You gotta Love your Customer


I had just cameback from a ride across the town , because 16 years old young lady , whose father had purchased a vehicle for her from us this morning called my cellphone at 8 Pm tonight , that she is parked on the other side of  the city and she had locked her car keys inside the car . With a naive innocence in her voice , just like a teenagers can be , she asked me , if I would be so kind and drive there to unlock the car with our dealer spare key . I was fixing to eat my first meal today , but who cares about a food , when you got a chance to make one of your customers happy . I started my car and got on the road , because one of the secrets to be a successful entrepreneur is to love what you do , and if your business is consumer related , you gotta love yours customers . I love mine , I deal with people , who had a lot of “hard” luck in theirs lives and they are a wonderful folks . I don’t deal with rich snobs , who thinks , their “shit” does not stinks .

You gotta understand the customer , when they walk in your store and starts “bitching” about some silly stuff , you just need to let them talk and listen , because maybe he had an argument with his wife last night , or maybe just have a minor hangover from a previous party , as long as you dealing with people , rest assured , there are always going to be issues . Well , we all got some and I understand almost everyone of them , for simple reason , during my life , I had been probably in most situations , what makes folks today feeling misserable , including being homeless , for while . People going throught a hard time appreciate kindness , unlike the snobs , who mistakenly take kindness as a sign of weakness .

We sell cheap , old , good running cars , not pretty , but dependable . Why  don’t I have a Ferrari dealership ? I doubt , that I would have so many chances there , to make the people genuinely happy , and my life would lose the purpose .

Tonight , I will sleep peacefuly , because I had made one person happy , I will take the liberty and ask you here : “Did you do the same??”

Good night folks…..

P.S. I don’t really have to do all of this myself anymore , got other people involved in the business to do all that service , but everyonce in a while , I like to do it personally , just to feel the closeness with people I love… Customers !! 


3 Responses to You gotta Love your Customer

  1. JeffX says:

    Priceless, Tomas…

  2. zubicek says:

    I do business with my brain , but I write by my heart…..

    Thank you Jeff


  3. Ryan says:

    Spot on Tomas. Sometimes we forget who puts us in business. If we can’t treat our customers right, what kind of human beings are we?

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