Just Like The Hussites


QUOTE  :    ” Nothing was more distant from their intentions than attack and war , not them , but their enemies called in the bloodshed and destruction . They were the first , who not for the wealth and estates , not for the feel of the power , but to defend the highest asset for all humanity -the right for self governing and freedom to live by there own conscience , had no other choice , than to arm themselfs and take on the terrible , long fight against all their enemies , whom did not want  anything less , than a total destruction for them , and to the whole worlds’ surprise , victoriously ended it..”        Frantisek Palacky  /  19th century historian , about 15th century protestant movement in Bohemia /Czech

Now , I am not a Hussita and I hate any kind of violence , my weapons always were my voice and the words , I had spoken against communism in my “old” country at the times , when you could go to jail just for reading the wrong book . I got out of the politics a long time ago and went to live here in America , the only country , where if you really want and you are determined enough , you can still achieve your dream . That’s what I had been doing , achieving  dreams , a lot of them , against all the odds and everytime I hit an obstacle or challenge , I thought I must be doing something wrong . Yeah , I had made mistakes on the way , everybody makes some and all you can do is to learn from them , but lately , as more business I do , more dealings with all kinds of institutions , I am beginning to see , what’s really wrong…..

This time , I don’t think it is the government, abusing power, as much as is the danger of Stupidity.  In society , where one single wrong or fabricated information punched in a computer system by some stupid , useless , pencil & button pushing moron and idiot , can literally destroy peoples dreams , I would like to come out of my “shell” and start exposing that stuff not only for myself , but also for all those small business owners , “little old ladies” even naive idealists , who could very well be the “victims” of this and don’t have the courage , means , or just the “stubborness” to fight back .

When somebody either unwillingly , by mistake , or worse , intentionally post a wrong info on your business credit , he literally has the power to destroy your future . Yes , we , the entrepreneurs know , that we need to monitor our credit , but there is not only one  bureau  to monitor and even if we do “catch” some mistake , it takes time to fight to remove it , and time is the number one valuable asset in an entrepreneurs’ life.

There is a custom , that when you criticize , you should also have a solution to offer . Maybe I do. Let’s make the politics , the legislators do their job and come up with a Bill ( Law) on behalf of the millions small business owners and make the “reporters” not only able to report , but also be criminally responsible for any damage , they cause by reporting the “wrong” info . Let’s make the business credit bureaus be responsible for collecting wrong info and not double checking that stuff . Last time I checked , a person in America is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty . In many cases , a persons small business is all what he lives for , his dream .

I had made many of my dreams come true during my life here , I could be just as happy ,  sitting at home and watching my 5 years old son play with his dog , but there are a lot of those , who are just making the first shot for their dream , so let’s take the challenge , make a difference and maybe help , just a little bit to those , who are feeling discouraged , hopeless or frustrated after going through similar situations . My private “war” is not private anymore , right now I am waiting for a report on my company from yet another credit agency , because those idiots in “WellFare Bank” could not find any reasonable reason for not approving my line and came up with some fabricated “shit” . This time , I will not only dispute it , I will take as long as it takes , get to the bottom of this and make sure , that whoever is responsible for that , it will be the last “heroic” deed he acomplished in his misserable career .    

Words hopeless , discouraged & frustrated , somehow does not exists in my dictionary , throwing “shit” in a form of incorrect info on peoples’ credit and think you guys can get away with it , is not only wrong , but really, really.. Stupid .

I am a very tolerant person with a little “twist” :  I have Zero Tolerance for Stupidity!!!

Maybe I am still being a Fool , but when I see wrongdoing , I just can’t shut up……We’ll see ..  


2 Responses to Just Like The Hussites

  1. Ryan says:

    The unfettered abuse of the banks and business credit bureaus is one of the most unpatriotic elements in our country. These same institutions will put a no income, no job, no future loser into a home beyond his means and when he defaults they rush to the government nipple for a handout. They do this will they sting entrepreneurs who have the ability to really make something happen, to create jobs and fuel the economy. Their reign of terror needs to end.

  2. zubicek says:

    I say , Amen to that , Brother….

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