Easy Money


I am sure you all are bombarded with all kinds of e-mails about easy online programs how to earn money and no to do anything . My trash bin is full of them every day and when I get bored , on a very rare occasions , I check some of them out . They all have one thing in common . As easy , as 1. 2.3. , or sign up and watch your money grow …Money this and Money that , everything is a “walking in a park”…blah, blah ,blah….I am sure many of those programs are legitimate oportunities , however , just the word “easy” is making me want to “puke”. I must be from a different planet maybe , but I have a hard time to understand , how anybody could realy enjoy a nice “walk in the park” without  running and chasing the bird called the Challenge first . Don’t get me confused with some Utopian Idealist , money are important part of our live , we the entrepreneurs know that the number one goal of any common sense business is make a profit and if you fail to do so at some point of your venture , you just have to surrender and do something else . If you are not a quitter and still have some breath left in your lungs , maybe start new , a better planned venture , but I think the point of being satisfied with what you are doing , is to provide some real value for the money you are making . Like  service to the local community , or just a single customer , make somebody else being happy , beside your-self , because you have more money , than you can possibly spend for usefull stuff in your life.

Me and some of my friends had a discussion once , what we would do , if we won a lottery . I had an answer . I would be probably even more busy , than now , if  such a thing is even possible and most likely start another venture just to figure out , how to spend all that money , beside to send all my family and loveones on a trip around the world , and not to waste the rest of it for useless stuff , like a new car , new boat or even new house or new girlfriend …

Just stuff , things and other materialistic assets alone , however shiny and pretty they are , does not make me happy , if they are not earned by giving something real for it and maybe positively impact other people lives…

Money, money , money , I like money too , so I can pay wages to people involved in my business , so I can take my kid to trip to Disneyland , so I can pay the utility company and have power to my computer , which is giving me the opportunity to actually do , in my spare time , what I like . I like to write my thoughts down and when I have any money left , I put it back to the business , because , there is always tomorrow and in case one day not for me ,  surely for people I love.

So , money , money , easy money …Is it really only all about that , you think ???   


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