Being an Entrepreneur & Father

There is one thing which makes me feel like The most fortunate man in the Universe and it is , that however I had dedicated my life to the Entrepreneurial lifestyle , that’s how I like to live , somehow I had managed to build so strong bond between me and my 5 years old son , that he not only love me like an other kids love their father , but he actually really enjoy to be with me even when I can’t pay full attention to him …..It is probably because everysince he was a baby , I had took him with me everywhere I went..

To put it in short , when you ask him where he wants to be , in the Arcade playing or with daddy in the office , there is one answer for sure…..

I can talk about being a dad , but you better ask my son.  On the other hand , I am not a superman , so don’t ask me how to be successful entrepreneur and a good husband at the same time .

I really don’t know the answer for that…..



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