Back from The Jungle

That cute Orangutan below is actually me , balancing on one leg , walking the very fine line on the border between common sense and idiocy. In the very beginning of my blog , I said , that I am on the journey to find some answers to questions accumulated during those years I live life of an entrepreneur…

My newest trip was to explore the world of a small business financing . If you read my post “Gunfight in O.K. Corral , you know , that I don’t suggest to approach Venture investors until your business is ready to defend the agressive approach from the VC world . If you need venture capital for surviving , then you are already dead , you just don’t know it yet .

What’s even more important to know about the private investors world now is , that if your business idea , however making sense from the profit point of view , does not have “Web 2.0” in its DNA , you can save yourself the time and forget about VC’S at all.  Much smarter way to obtain capital for a start up is to prepare yourself and your new business for Bank financing.

If you use your head and think , there is a way , how to obtain a bank financing even for internet start up. The last thing I really knew how to do , is mowing peoples yards for living and even I own an Internet Start up now!! Yep , the world is going “mad” , it is time to take an advantage of it..

The journey through the jungle full of banks offering business banking and actually providing mostly none was so exciting and full of interesting findings, that it will take me a while to digest all the experiences . Of course as is my nature, I jumped on the “fast” train and went through the info with such intensity, that my head still hurts now.

A while ago , I read a quote ” Men plans , God laughs..”

Well , I had planned , joined , read a lot of very useful and valuable topics written by people associated with The Xbanker and its , let them help me to secure successfuly the funds necessary to run and expand my business ,  then went again on a “solo” mission , just to find out , what’s out there..Let me tell you my friends , if you are not a “lunatic explorer” by nature like I am, I suggest, you let the professional in this field to do the job . And when you want a results , you better find those, who charge for their service , because cheap , will get you exactly just that , a “cheap” results.

In my previous posts I hinted a situation that I experienced with “WellFare bank” ,the final info about it is, that I fixed everything they said is preventing me from getting the funds , including removal all the negative stuff on my biz. credit posted and reported by some idiot about a person not associated with me whatsoever and what’s worse , person dead for more , than 3 years…

I faxed all the improvements to them and never heard from them back . I guess , those guys ended up , where all the losers do . On the government wellfare payroll. But every experience is good for something and now I know , that getting your reports straight , personal and business , is a journey for itself and you better walk it before you start applying for bank financing , otherwise , you end up with bunch of inquiries on you credit and a huge frustration on your mind…

However , I had not only planned , but also executed and beside the funds secured by XBanker professionals, I got some funding on my own, so actually even I am not a God in any means, I laugh, mostly because I had find a couple answers pretty serious , but still worth laughing.

The first : Don’t look for  logic in places , where is none..

The second : Don’t try to talk a common sense to the people , who has none…

And that’s the two “jewels” I am brinking back from the journey through “The Jungle..”


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