Just a Dream

I want to write about a “strange” dream I had last night ( or was it a months ago? Who knows), anyway, here it goes..

I seen myself walking cross a dessert, hungry, thirsty and tired to death. I sat down on the sand for a moment and went to deep comma like sleep. I felt a strange force picking me up, carrying me away and when I openned my eyes I was laying on the steps in front of beautiful monastery somewhere in the middle of a lost, imaginary world, build on the top of a hill, just driving the imagination wild about what’s on the other side..

I gathered strengh, walk up on the stairs and out of a natural curiosity, I knocked on the door of that amazing and at the same time a little scary, but beautiful building.

All the sudden a guy appeared, in a monk suit and he listened for a while the strange story of mine and my appearance there . Interesting, he said, obviously you were guided to this place for a reason, but before we take you in the Temle, I want to show you something…

Then he walked with me around the Temple and when I looked down the other side , I had seen a beautiful, thriving city with a different size of buildings, water fountains, lights, busy streets and I could almost see the happy faces of the citizens, full of satisfaction with them-selfs, sitting in front of their own stores and greeting every new customer in .

Then the monk said to me :

 ” All those people down there are our Temple students, they were just like You, before they got the chance to enter the city. We took them in the Temple to learn and participate on the knowledge, the power of the wisdom and the importance to give, in order to receive. Not everyone graduated however, but the one who did, drawn own blueprints for his building in the city and when he was ready to start building it, all the citizens helped him a little to get the store build.”

 Wow, I said, I want to start the trial and I rushed into the Temple doors…

“Wait a minute”, the monk said, “before we take you in, you need to always remember, that in order to Recieve, you have to be prepared to Give, so when you graduate and build your own little success in the City, Do Not Forget to give back to the Temple and it’s needs, because without the Temple, the City would stop growing, the well would dry out, the streets would get dirty and the lights would burn out !!”

I understood in my dream the point of it and I did not really wanted to wake up, but when I did, “Ohh my goodness, what a change!”

I am dressed up in a monk suit, sitting in front of a monastery on top of the stairs and I see people walking, some of them are carried by others, trying desperately to climb the hill to get to the other side.

And that could be the end of that story, well, maybe not….

When you make it to the stairs, gather the courage and knock on the door, I will walk out and listen to you and your journey, and then we’ll see, if I can get you in, because without going through the Temple, there is a huge possibility, that however you will see the city,  you will never be able to live in it.

P.S. It was a wonderful dream, I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight, when I wake up tomorrow, who knows what kind of suit I am going to wear and maybe I even catch myself in front of mirror shaving my head..

We will see…… 



2 Responses to Just a Dream

  1. xvulture says:

    I think I know where that temple is.

  2. zubicek says:

    Yes, it is real, we are looking at it, standing in it, living it…

    It is time to turn dream to reality…I’ll meet you there

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