Doc Holiday Syndrome

  He walked the Sin City streets when dark falls on, and rain quit washing the muck , the slam, the trash, he needs a place.  Place to sit and wait.   

Wait on something he had no idea what it is and when it comes, he knew it will.

He knew it comes, he made it come, with everything he had ever done, at will he did, he knew.  

He knew, he did not know, he knew…

He found a quiet bar in shady corner at the end of the main street, lit by dirty bulb replaced thousand times for those who’s drunk the night before busted it and left , he knew.

 He went inside, he sat. He wait, don’t talk, don’t order anything, just wait. It is the strangest feeling he ever felt, he waits. 

The hassler, the explorer, the pioneer, the climber, the shooter, the gambler, the provider, the careless care taker, the knight, the valor, the action entrepreneur, the King, the servant…He waits.

Every  attemted contact by other guests or waitresses is a great  bother to him. Not theirs presence, just theirs disturbing, annoying questions “how can we help you?” makes none sense to him. He does not need help, never needed, they don’t know, he knows, he waits.

He is there to help.

He saw a women enter the bar with fear and curiosity. She standed by door and looked around..

He knew.

“Come home Doc”, she said, he’s hurt.

 “Why”, he asked with  expression on his wrinkled face describing eating 2 months old piece of steak, carved of the bull, which died last last year by “Old Age”. 

” I need you home with me!” 

“You don’t, You go, I’ll wait”

He knows it’s coming.

The call will come, he’ll go.

He’ll walk the street, replace the bulbs, he’ll go…

” It’s time to press, to Do and Be,just go !”

He hears the voice, he smiles. 

He knows it is, he is,he’ll kill, he’ll give, he feels, he lives.

He smiles….



One Response to Doc Holiday Syndrome

  1. xvulture says:

    something must be on your mind here. Sounds like feelings of the past meeting with new revelations for the future.

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