Hammer or Piece of Rock ?

June 24, 2008

In  times when new type of technology is coming to any markets not every day, but every minute, I would like to take a deep breath and write about, what all the new tools, gadgets, new technology developments really means to me, the Dinosaur, who, by some joke of mother nature, is forced to live and adapt to 21st. century market conditions, while even by his own mothers opinion, should really be born 200 years ago.

I must admit. I don’t get excited much about any of the brand new fashion things. I don’t even have IPod and when I am in the mood to listen to my kind of music, I turn on old home stereo so loud, that the roof of my house, even by the building codes Hurricane resistant, is almost flying away.

I have PC, but only in my office, my house is a sacred place and I go back there to relax, play with my dog and when is my time to spend with my 6 years old son, it is just the 3 of us. My son, our dog and me.

There is no PS 3 or XBox or any other gadgets, which would take away the feel of rare, special presence, which only those , who are able to feel the true being could appreciate. The time will come and my son will require some of those and I will get it for him, but for now, we are happy as is.

So what all the new stuff really means to me ? I take it as a tool. No better or worse, than piece of rock or hammer thousands years ago. I will use it only when I need it in order to create something more. Maybe a masterpiece of some sort, who knows.
I like the action however, mostly on a tools, which could have a great impact how business will be done in particular industries. Currently, because of the chaos, there is a exciting action on real estate and mortgage related blog sites. I see, read and sometimes join debates about the new “hottest” thing, which is Tool for Transparent and Anonymous online pricing mortgages. The most debated is called Ratespeed and I have seen debate on one called RateWindow.

I will take the liberty and go back to use an expressions in my topic, my readers know it would come anyways.

There was a time , when humans used piece of rock to knock a wooden pole to the ground when building a fence. Soon after a guy came up with a way to create iron, another guy invented the hammer.

A great, warlike debate started all over the world, what is better for knocking the wood poles, easier to use and more accurate, then people started to use the hammer in practice.

History, as we know proved and showed , which tool is better and while there are still some using the rock, in parts of the world the hammer did not come yet, most of us, even dinosaurs like me, prefer to use a hammer. 

In the debate between the Ratespeed and RateWindow, I am already able to make a guess, which one is a hammer and which one is the piece of rock, but until you really start to use it, it would be “foolish” of me to tell you out in the open, you got to give it a try for yourself.

History will show and as matter of fact is already showing the distiction between those two and I myself like to use the hammer as a tool ( if I would be in real estate related business)..

In amazingly huge commentary debate at ActiveRain.com, which I read all over, not joined ( did not wanted to spoil the action with my timeless, always above any issue comments), I had seen many Re-pros ask a question.: ” Does the industry need a new hammer?” The answer is obvious, silly, It Does ! Otherwise , you would never have asked the question !!

Don’t get me wrong, I am still a dinosaur and I use piece of rock still very often , just not at a time I want to build a nice fence which is meant to last.

Does this post make a sense to you ?  Just curious….

P.S. I entered the debate on ActiveRain.com after all, got a fatal weakness for action and having a hard time in resisting to jump into a crossfire.

Some of the Real estate guys are great and fun debaters, go and check it out for yourself.

Enjoy it…