Zubispeak’s of the World ( epilog)

July 9, 2008

When I started to write this blog several months ago, I had stated that I am on the quest to find the answers to the questions Who & Why ?

I found them and along a way I meet a few ” Zubispeaks” like me.

And that’s all I ever wanted.

I will keep the explanation for myself, but as always I’ll give you a hint…:

Yesterday I got the Economic stimulus payment check from the government in the mail.

It made me want to puke, it made me sick .

I will tell you people, what it is. First they steal the money from the producers like me and others entrepreneurs under the threat of taking our biz. away otherwise and then, when everything goes to hell, they want to bribe us to make it work.

Well, I tell you, I don’t want it ! It is probably partially money coming from some of you my fellow warriors out there, but I did not sent it back to them, they would waste it on some “needy” useless project.

I contributed it to one of the local Animals Shelters.

Because of the actions of us humans, animals are those who are needy, not the humans.

I am writing  final post of this blog. I had said everything I wanted to say……

This is end of this blog, but rest assured, Not the end of THE ZUBISPEAK

Now, I have a railroad to build and steel to pour, I may appear somewhere else one day…..

Who Knows ?



Doc Holiday Syndrome

June 27, 2008

  He walked the Sin City streets when dark falls on, and rain quit washing the muck , the slam, the trash, he needs a place.  Place to sit and wait.   

Wait on something he had no idea what it is and when it comes, he knew it will.

He knew it comes, he made it come, with everything he had ever done, at will he did, he knew.  

He knew, he did not know, he knew…

He found a quiet bar in shady corner at the end of the main street, lit by dirty bulb replaced thousand times for those who’s drunk the night before busted it and left , he knew.

 He went inside, he sat. He wait, don’t talk, don’t order anything, just wait. It is the strangest feeling he ever felt, he waits. 

The hassler, the explorer, the pioneer, the climber, the shooter, the gambler, the provider, the careless care taker, the knight, the valor, the action entrepreneur, the King, the servant…He waits.

Every  attemted contact by other guests or waitresses is a great  bother to him. Not theirs presence, just theirs disturbing, annoying questions “how can we help you?” makes none sense to him. He does not need help, never needed, they don’t know, he knows, he waits.

He is there to help.

He saw a women enter the bar with fear and curiosity. She standed by door and looked around..

He knew.

“Come home Doc”, she said, he’s hurt.

 “Why”, he asked with  expression on his wrinkled face describing eating 2 months old piece of steak, carved of the bull, which died last last year by “Old Age”. 

” I need you home with me!” 

“You don’t, You go, I’ll wait”

He knows it’s coming.

The call will come, he’ll go.

He’ll walk the street, replace the bulbs, he’ll go…

” It’s time to press, to Do and Be,just go !”

He hears the voice, he smiles. 

He knows it is, he is,he’ll kill, he’ll give, he feels, he lives.

He smiles….


The Boat and It’s Purpose

June 17, 2008

Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about Titanic, however it may seems, that the economy looks like it, it is not. Plus the Titanic crash was the Captains fault, but when it comes to economy, markets, business conditions, society issues and peoples’ situation in general, the Capt. , as much as painful it is to say that for me, has not much to do with it.

The passenger them-self are the ones, who are sinking the ship !!

Let me explain..:

If your job is paying you $ 2,000.00/ month, you have no business to be buying $ 500,000.00 house .

When the banks are giving you a free money on credit and the media are encouraging you to spend it, it is your own fault, if you do so without knowing how to re-pay that. You are like a fish, jumping on a fat bait, just because at this moment, it looks like an easy, free lunch and you are too stupid or lazy ( in this case means the same), to cook your own.  

If you imagine all of this above like a huge boat and us, the business owners, consumers, employers, employees, home buyers and home sellers, credit card users and credit card issuers..etc. like a passengers on the board of this huge boat, the boat will stay afloat as long as us, the passengers stay evenly spread over the top of the deck. 

At the moment, when some naive idiot thinks that the other side of the boat, the one which he is not on, offers easier, better…blah,blah,blah ,  the”sheep” will follow . The balance gets broken and the boat starts leanning on a one side. Even the ones, who started the “mania” ( for instance banks giving credit to veryone, like there is no tomorrow a while ago), will get carried down with the crowd and pushed into water.

The ones who was misleading are sharing the missery with the ones, who they mislead right now and that is just fair, as long as some morons, who has the power to rescue the guilty, does not do so. You can’t expect an idiots to change, by bailing them out everytime they get in a mess.   

The good news however is, that even while many people drowns, or just get their lazy, stupid fat ass wet, the boat never really sinks totally. There is always a few of us left, knowing that “collectivism” is the ultimate enemy of an individual.

Crowd mentality has a tendency to ultimately kill the crowd it-self. It is the purpose and duty of an individual who has the gift of ability to resist the peer pressure and thinks free regardless of the crowd opinions to make sure the boat get balanced again.

The best way to achieve this, is to occupy the places left by the “blind”, maintain them, make them pretty, to attract the survivors back on theirs spots.

If you understand what I am talking about here, then you are one of the few. I don’t need to tell you how to do it, maybe just reminder.: Do Not Forget to “stake out” your new teritories and make up a Price for each piece, because we can’t be giving it back for free, for simple reason…:

The Boat would get too quick of the balance again.

Don’t worry about the drown dead bodies, you can’t polute the beauty you had created, make a place for those still swimming and the ones, willing to learn how to swim.

At the moment the boat gets afloat again and you had sold all of the “vacant” places, look over the whole deck and find your new spot to stay on, because while temporarily off duty & purpose, it will come back again…

The crowd has No memory and never learns..

History always repeat it-self, sooner or later and “uncle” BEN can’t do damn thing about it !!!  


Just a Dream

June 15, 2008

I want to write about a “strange” dream I had last night ( or was it a months ago? Who knows), anyway, here it goes..

I seen myself walking cross a dessert, hungry, thirsty and tired to death. I sat down on the sand for a moment and went to deep comma like sleep. I felt a strange force picking me up, carrying me away and when I openned my eyes I was laying on the steps in front of beautiful monastery somewhere in the middle of a lost, imaginary world, build on the top of a hill, just driving the imagination wild about what’s on the other side..

I gathered strengh, walk up on the stairs and out of a natural curiosity, I knocked on the door of that amazing and at the same time a little scary, but beautiful building.

All the sudden a guy appeared, in a monk suit and he listened for a while the strange story of mine and my appearance there . Interesting, he said, obviously you were guided to this place for a reason, but before we take you in the Temle, I want to show you something…

Then he walked with me around the Temple and when I looked down the other side , I had seen a beautiful, thriving city with a different size of buildings, water fountains, lights, busy streets and I could almost see the happy faces of the citizens, full of satisfaction with them-selfs, sitting in front of their own stores and greeting every new customer in .

Then the monk said to me :

 ” All those people down there are our Temple students, they were just like You, before they got the chance to enter the city. We took them in the Temple to learn and participate on the knowledge, the power of the wisdom and the importance to give, in order to receive. Not everyone graduated however, but the one who did, drawn own blueprints for his building in the city and when he was ready to start building it, all the citizens helped him a little to get the store build.”

 Wow, I said, I want to start the trial and I rushed into the Temple doors…

“Wait a minute”, the monk said, “before we take you in, you need to always remember, that in order to Recieve, you have to be prepared to Give, so when you graduate and build your own little success in the City, Do Not Forget to give back to the Temple and it’s needs, because without the Temple, the City would stop growing, the well would dry out, the streets would get dirty and the lights would burn out !!”

I understood in my dream the point of it and I did not really wanted to wake up, but when I did, “Ohh my goodness, what a change!”

I am dressed up in a monk suit, sitting in front of a monastery on top of the stairs and I see people walking, some of them are carried by others, trying desperately to climb the hill to get to the other side.

And that could be the end of that story, well, maybe not….

When you make it to the stairs, gather the courage and knock on the door, I will walk out and listen to you and your journey, and then we’ll see, if I can get you in, because without going through the Temple, there is a huge possibility, that however you will see the city,  you will never be able to live in it.

P.S. It was a wonderful dream, I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight, when I wake up tomorrow, who knows what kind of suit I am going to wear and maybe I even catch myself in front of mirror shaving my head..

We will see……